Peel N Stick PV cells – Infinite possibilities start here!

Okay, this is really getting interesting.  A month ago there was an announcement by a Japanese guys that they have cracked into fabric based PV cells.  Now, we have this hugely interesting news from guys at NREL and Standford that they’ve gotten hold of technology to make PV cells in form of stickers.

So, whats next, paint based cells.  Oh wait, we already have this, don’t we?

Anyhow, let us limit our discussion on the peel-N-Stick cells.  When you ask me to compare the two technologies, fabric based cells vs. sticker types, sticker types is definitely a winner, hands down!   I am sure you guys are smart enough to decipher my claim!

The real challenge will be on applications, easy and adaptability of the same to the existing gadgets.  Just like computer market, where the real winners have mainly come from application developers (Microsoft, Facebook, and likes) vis-a-vis computer manufacturers like IBMs and AMDs – the real winners in this field will  also be those that come with novel ideas using this technology rather then the developing the technology itself – which will be slow but sure process.

So, with this super technology, it’ll come down to how well the applications are developed rather then how efficient the cells work or how quickly they stick to the substrate.   Deep pocketed industries will invest into perfecting this technology but the real genius would be into thinking out applications of this stuff.  Just as the developers have claimed, one such applications will be using them on gadgets like cells phones (provided cells phones still exist by the time this stuff comes out commercially).

Here is one such though.  How about using this pee-N-Stick solar cells to cover the batteries (consumer / industrial / space – you name it) to both insulate them from hot direct sun light while providing some kind electric current by which – using thermoelectric effect – surface of these batteries is kept in controlled temperature.  This unit will provide cold surface in hot climates and heat in cold climates.  Energy for this will come from the stickers itself.   Now, this is something to ponder.

I am looking for patent lawyer!!!